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The British Army has been getting people in shape for centuries and we feel that some military style training would be very beneficial to tackle the Yorkshire Mud Run military style obstacles. Couple this with some sports nutrition and a few 5k and 10k run training guides and we reckon you can tackle just about anything.

Downloading and using the guides written by the British Army, The British Heart Foundation and the country’s top sports nutritionists for elite athletes will enable you and your team to get in fantastic all round shape for this event.

  1. The Basics of Sports Nutrition
  2. Hydration for Sports Performance
  3. Preparation for Competition, Supplementation and Ergogenic Aids
  4. 10k Beginners Training Plan
  5. 10k Intermediate Training Plan
  6. 10k Advanced Training Plan
  7. Exercise and Training for the Core Abs and Back
  8. Improve your running the army way – Beginners guide to running
  9. Lower-body training and exercise
  10. Training for Total Fitness
  11. Upper body training and exercise

Note: right-click on the above links to save them for printing and offline reading.

Of course, most people lack that all important drive to get outside and push themselves to get into great shape so look to use the guide in conjunction with attending a circuit training style class to really ensure you build up just about every system in your body. Don’t forget the commando fit instructors are waiting to get you all in shape outdoors every day of the year! They will get you in great shape for as little as the cost of a Latte per session and give you all their superb advice for free.

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Free Training

commando-fit-fitness-trainingIf you feel you need that extra support and motivation then simply BOOK A FREE TRIAL at a Commando Fit outdoor fitness class to sample what outdoor fitness is all about or attend one of your two free classes at any Yorkshire wide Commando Fit venues using your online entry email return as evidence of entry (available from April 1st to event day).